Ludwig Prandtl Exhibition

An Exhibition on the Occasion of his 125th Birthday

Ludwig Prandtl 1904 at TH Hannover Co-initiator and for nearly 3 decades chairman of GAMM was Ludwig Prandtl (1875-1953). Within the scope of the Annual Scientific Meeting GAMM 2000 at the University of Göttingen 2 - 7 April 2000 an exhibition ist prepared, to appreciate Ludwig Prandtl's lifework:

 DLR, Bunsenstr. 10, Haus 6, ground floor
April 5, 2000; 15.00-18.30

The 'Modellversuchsanstalt der Motorluftschiff-Studiengesellschaft' 1908
Ground of AVA und KWI in Göttingen 1927 The exhibition looks at Prandtl's early years, the foundation of AVA 1907 and KWI 1925, Prandtl's work in KWI, Prandtl's Work as a Science-Manager, his work between 1933 and 1945 and the years after 1945. The main interest is for his work in the field of aerodynamics and his organizational work, what is not common knowledge. Prandtl's work is presented with examples of photographs and files of the DLR-Archives in Göttingen and Köln and with some exhibits found in the institute in Göttingen. Ludwig Prandtl
Albert Betz Besides some information about his life, the exhibition includes a lot of photographs, files and exhibits. To get more information about Ludwig Prandtl a handout will be prepared. Also please have a look at the bibliography about Prandtl and his institutes in Göttingen. More information about the history of AVA please find at the Homepage of the DLR-Archive Meeting at 25th anniversary of AVA 1933

These pages and the corresponding exhibition were compiled by Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Fütterer on the occasion of Prandtl's 125th birthday on February 4th 2000. The pages are now back to the web with the kind permission of the author. Prandtl's lifework can be visited as the part of a live exhibition at the DLR site Göttingen ("Prandtl's Room") in the vicinity of the DLR_School_Lab, which is situated in the building of the shut down 3x3 m² low speed wind-tunnel. The access is possible during the business hours on a formless request at the main entrance of the research centre. A preceding call is advisable.
Göttingen, June 21st, 2003. W. Send.